• Came from a poor family.  Her parents, Maria and Brian Kyle, have an abusive relationship.  Her catholic mother was protective and caring and loves cats, she has a lust for wealth and luxury.  Her dad is an alcoholic.  
  • Drunk father lost custody of Selina and Maggie to the state.
  • Maria takes her own life by slitting her wrists and Selina finds her dead.
  • Excelled at gymnastics young, and grew to love only that after her mother passed.  It is where she developed her strong awareness of her body.
  • Starts disconnecting socially and does poorly in school.  Cuts her wrists.  
  • Father loses custody of girls, separating the sisters.  He drinks himself to death.  Selina becomes a runaway on her own.
  • Lived on the streets of Gotham for a week and got caught stealing food.
  • Selina experiences her first incarceration for an indeterminate period at Seagate, a juvenile detention center for girls.  She develops a thirst for freedom and hatred for restrictions of any kind.  Has several altercations there with wardens.
  • While at Seagate she lives on the roof at night increasing her stealth and dreaming of the freedom that wealth can bring.
  • She escapes Seagate with the crooked ledger and lives in an abandoned warehouse with cats, improving her thief skills.
  • Selina gets gutsy one night and gets caught, almost killed, and badly beaten.  She is suggested to turn to Ted Grant to learn how to survive
  • Selena has a brief affair with a frankly amoral master thief named Stark.
  • Selina worked as a dominatrix to survive while in hiding and became skilled at seducing men.
  • Selina encounters a ninja during a burglary and follows him, becoming trained under the ninja master.

Values and Attitude

  • Raised to know right from wrong by Mother but learned to adjust her moral code for necessity's sake (to survive on the streets of Gotham for a week)
  • She is defiant and sarcastic.
  • Aloof, prefers to be alone.
  • Wealth leads to freedom.


  • Spurned one too many times by her one true love, Fatbat Catwoman begins a relationship with Nightwing, Fatbat’s one-time partner in solving crime.  
  • Only truly in love with Fatbat and miserable about his pairing with Silver St. Cloud Catwoman has multiple encounters with other men including the James Kirk and most notably Thor.