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Officer O'Reilly in Uniform

Peter O'Reilly is a Gotham Cop. He is a frequent victim of bullying from Commissioner Victoria Gordon.
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Mohawk Pete

Pete is an honest cop, but feels like his job is to do nothing, while the superheroes are the only ones allowed to fight crime.... and on the rare occasion where he does get to go fight crime, his job is to catch bullets with his body.. Pete has lost count of how many times he has been shot, beaten, etc.. he should be dead, a dozen times over, but somehow he always survives.

He is sent undercover into the Clown College by Commissioner Gordon, not realizing how deep he is in, he begins to sympathize with the clowns. Pete takes on the name Mohawk Pete. He does himself a major disservice by not wearing makeup. The clowns immediately identify him as a mole, and give him jobs that will reveal his true colors. Pete is torn between his new friendships and his duty to the GCPD.

Pete is played by Don Covell Jr.