Miriam Servilia Wayne is the youngest child of Tiberius Wayne and Helen Jeffries Wayne. Throughout her youth, Miriam was a happy and fun-loving child. When Miriam was seven her Aunt Padme purchased her an easy bake oven from this point on Miriam found joy in cooking, her main joy was in the creative nature of cooking and the faces of her family that were enjoying a well cooked and delicious meal. She was very competitive with her older brother Thomas. Miriam kept her love of cooking alive as she cared for young Bruce Wayne, her nephew, after his parents were killed. One of her specialties is pot roast, which is also one of Bruce's favorites. Although raised to be a genteel Society Lady, Miriam quickly learned that to survive in Gotham, she needed both inner strength and a tough exterior on display. Line of dialog that best sums up Miriam Wayne: "I put a bullet in your brain, I go home and make pot roast, and I don't blink an eye "