Don Covell has had the acting bug for most of his life. His acting career started in the 5th grade, when he played the brother "Avery" in the school production of "Charlotte's Web". From there he went to local theatre, playing "The Dragon" in "The Pale Pink Dragon.. the story of a beautiful princess who is turned into the Dragon, but her wicked step sister and step  mother (the actress that was the princess did the vocals off stage.), and then he was the evil Burgermeister that throws "Hans Christian Anderson" out of the village, in the play "Hans Christian Anderson". Life then got in the way of his acting career, so it was years later, when he made the jump into TV and Movie roles. He was background at first, but his big break came in 2005, when he appeared in "The Dukes Of Hazzard", that filmed in Lousiana. He can be seen 9 times in the movie, appearing as 1 of the race fans, and even had a bit of a close up in one scene. He was then in the film "Cherry", playing the parent of 1 of the lead's classmates, in a scene with the lead actor. In the movie "Chasing the Rain", he played a homeless person in a scene with the lead actor. He was then discovered by Pheonix Reborn Films, and has since been working almost exclusively with them in a variety of shorts, and the 3 feature Fatbat films, in a vast variety of roles. He is basically a man of a 100 faces inteh Fatbat universe, playing multiple distinctly different characters in 3 films, and the accompanying short film. His 3 biggest characters are Captain America... a personal favorite movie character of his, in 2 of the films, the vile and pig headed character of Chet Manly/Bainish in 3 of the films, and the upright, clean cut, pure hearted, and honest officer Pete O'Rielly.. the only uniformed officer to appear in all 3 features, and the Count Chockula Origin story. Don has also tried his hand at directing and producing a short film, with a project called "Backroads", a horror comedy about Hillbilly Cannibals. Due to some cast leaving for college, and his best camera being ruined while doing off roading videos, the film sadly, was never completed, but the teaser did get shown at a film festival in Kalamazoo, and can still be found on . In his spare time, Don works with the elderly, collects vintage mystery books, does a charity car show for the Alzheimers Association every year,  and owns and restores a small collection of classic cars, that he has displayed at various car shows around the country. Don is hoping for many more diverse roles in a variety of projects, and looks forward to the 4th Fatbat movie, that will feature Officer Pete O'Rielly and Bainish in some capacity.