Fatbat chet 5

Chet is a kind generous man with a soft compassionate heart for his fellow man and woman, that feels all ladies should be put on a pedestal and worshipped for all they do.... yeah, this is a parody, and so was all that, also.. Chet is a jerk.. plain and simple. He feels everyone is there to serve his wants and needs, and any females are there to serve him, also. He has no respect for anyone, especially anyone of the female gender, whom he feels should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. His alter ego is the villainous henchman Bainish... a brutish man that is basically hired muscle... in an ironic twist, he has had his butt handed to him in every battle he has ever had with the female superheroes... karma, poetic justice... that is for you to decide..

Chet while in college was the second person that Fatbat ever beat mercilessly, then handcuffed him to a fence for the police to arrest for multiple campus assaults at Gotham State University. Chet has a BA in Journalism from the Antonius Wayne school of Journalism.

Chet Manley is a newscaster with Diana Prince for the Gotham News Network, when he isn't off battling and losing fights against the Justice Buddies.

He is portrayed by Don Covell Jr, and has been featured in all 3 Fatbat movies.