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Bruce at 14 Years Old

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Bruce at 48 Years Old

Bruce Tiberius Wayne, Heir to the Wayne family fortune. Orphaned at age 12 when his parents Dr. Thomas Julius 'Obi' Wayne and Martha Kimball Wayne were murdered after taking their son to see Pete's Dragon. Raised by his Aunt Miriam Servilia Wayne and family valet Alfred Pennyworth.

Bruce was bullied while attending Pembrooke Academy as a young child for being overweight where he built a friendship with Sunshine Silver St. Cloud. At age 14 he was kidnapped along with Victor Friese and Oswald Coblepot in the street outside of Pembrooke Academy by Theopolis P.A. Galavan And Creel Dumas. During this encounter was the first time Bruce took on the identity of the Fatbat. Upon Graduating High School, Bruce was accepted into the Criminal Psychology Department at Gotham State University, The Tiberius Wayne Undergraduate College, named for his Grand Father, Mayor of Gotham City in the 1940s.

During his time at Gotham State, many young women


The Fatbat

reported being assaulted late at night on campus. Bruce used his alter ego (The Fatbat) to escort young women around campus and to investigate the crime. Chester (Chet) Manly a student in the Antonius Wayne School of Journalism was found handcuffed to a flagpole one night with a note stapled to his chest that simply read 'Guilty'. Following this incident, the campus assaults stopped.

Upon Graduating from Gotham State University Bruce took over as CEO of Wayne Industries And founded the Wayne Brewing Company where he introduced Douche Beer in honor of some of his mother's final words to him. Bruce and Silver who in their teen years began to date now took their relationship more out in the open. This was when the 'Fatbat" emerged as a vigilante crime fighter. Bruce would take his incredible fortune and put it into developing, specialized gadgets to assist him in his crime fighting, Alfred Pennyworth was the one who at first Bruce shared his secret Identity with. Silver St. Cloud confronted Bruce after she saw a picture of the Fatbat in the newspaper and picked out his eyes immediately. Bruce admitted that he was indeed the vigilante that was attacking criminals on the city streets, Silver told Bruce, you get someone to assist you, so I know you are not alone out there and I'll try not to think about it. Bruce agreed and Recruited Dick Grayson, A 19-year-old Gothamite that recently lost his parents.

Bruce was cautious but eventually shared his crime-fighting alter ego with his Aunt Miriam, Her first reaction was utter disbelief followed by the underlying concern for Bruce's safety. She realized that Bruce's notorious stubbornness meant that he would not change his mind and knew that this was his way as Bruce as always said on "Making the world a better place one fist at a tiime".